Reasons to Invest in Premium Leather Shoes

If you have never invested in a gorgeous pair of premium leather shoes, then you are definitely missing out. Leather shoes are popular among people who have a great lifestyle. However, some people don’t prefer buying leather shoes because they are expensive as compared to other synthetic shoes. Undoubtedly, you have to pay a hefty buck for leather shoes but they offer numerous benefits.

Leather signifies uniqueness and lets you feel classy. Moreover, leather footwear exudes grace and sophistication that other man-made shoes can’t radiate. So, if you want to capture the intrinsic integrity of elegance, look no further than Glatt. We, at Glatt, offer handmade leather shoes designed with the finest craftsmanship.

Espouse your charismatic persona with Glatt, a one-stop destination for aesthetically pleasing shoes. This year, raise your bar higher with our exclusive range of formal leather shoes for men. Also, get to know the plenty of reasons that make leather footwear a long-time investment opportunity.

Leather shoes are DURABLE

Leather shoes are extraordinarily durable and can last more than 10 years. Furthermore, classic leather shoes never go out of trend. Investing in a good pair of leather footwear is the best course of action to achieve a high level of comfort, style, and value for money. 

Leather shoes are BREATHABLE

This is the most worth-considering fact of leather shoes. These shoes offer breathability since the air passes through the leather material. The air keeps the feet cool and prevents odor.


Leather always plays a starring role in timeless trends that ruled the fashion world for years. A good pair of handcrafted leather shoes are not only fashionable but environmentally friendly. These days, the vegetable tanning process is used to tan the leather. Thus, more and more recycled leather is being utilized for sustainability. 

Leather shoes provide EXTRA PROTECTION

It is obvious that leather shoes can’t provide a high level of protection as steel or composite capped shoes but genuine leather is strong enough to offer extraordinary protection that prevents hot liquids and rocks. So, if you wear leather shoes on daily basis at workplaces, it can definitely protect your foot from accidents and injuries.

Leather shoes SMELL GOOD

Looking for odor-free shoes? Look no further than premium leather shoes as nothing can beat the smell of original leather. You might have experienced an odd smell in a jacket or bag made with synthetic leather. This is because man-made materials are formulated with different chemicals that release bad odor. The smell of synthetic shoes can get worse if your feet have a habit of smelling.

Fortunately, your nose is quite far from your feet but it’s weird that people around you experiencing the unpleasant smell of your feet. Leather is a genuine material that has a natural and refreshing scent. If you have never experienced the smell of the original pair of leather shoes, be sure to smell them the next time you’re in a footwear store. Make sure that nobody is around you, they might think you’re crazy.