Best Formal Shoes for Men that'll impress at any Occasion

Embracing a well-groomed and neat appearance is a worthy skill that every gent should have in this era of fashion. Whether you are dressing for a formal meeting, a dinner date, or an intimate gathering, being able to stand out is crucial in gaining everyone’s attention. Although your attire is an essential part of how you dress up yourself, your footwear is important at the same time. A gent shoe says a lot about his personality. The right choice of footwear is necessary for depicting the right image. In this article, we have presented the best men’s formal shoes that every person should have in their wardrobe. So, let’s have a look!

Monk Strap

This type of formal shoe is unique yet stylish. The monk strap shoes could be either a single or double buckle. The sleek look of these dress shoes can be worn on a number of events including formal dinners, parties, business meetings, and gatherings. The most trendy and fashionable pair of shoes is the best selection for men seeking elegant style with more interest than the classy ones like Oxford or Derby. Be sure to look for the leather upper with an Italian Patina finish to keep the look polished and fascinating. You can choose from a wide range of textures such as croc imprinted leather, suede leather, patent, burnished, plain, and perforated leather.


Brogues are basically another deceptive shoe type that is similar to Oxford or Derby. The name is derived from the broguing that is involved in its manufacturing process. In this method, the upper material of the shoes is accentuated with heavy perforations (large pinking). In other words, you can say that brogues are often classed as Oxford or Derby because of their decorative addition. Its unique and classy design can create an effortless look. Apart from all, brogues can be worn with any outfit from denim jeans to suit. You can simply pair it up with jeans and a crew neck t-shirt for a casual chic look or wear it with a blazer and pants for a neat, formal look.


Want to achieve a dashing look? Look no further than loafers. Loafers are lace-less footwear and are often known as slip-on shoes. Their moccasin-style construction is ideal for adding style and glam to your formal attire. Loafers can be paired with a number of outfits. You can consider tassel loafers designed with suede material for a unique and dapper appearance. If you have to attend a moonlit occasion or wedding, a luxurious pair of velvet loafers will certainly do the trick.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are high ankle shoes with suede or leather uppers. This type of boot finish at the ankle and have two or three pair of eyelets. Chukka boots are simple yet sharp and are ideal for both smart casual and semi-formal attire.

If you are looking for buying formal shoes for men, investing in a good pair of oxford, derby, brogue or monk strap shoes with high shine leather would be the best course of action. In the case of men’s dress boots, lace-ups, Chelsea, and chukkas will be a great option that works with a variety of outfits. Lastly, slip-on and loafers both are perfect choices for parties, hangouts, weddings, and less formal events.